Be A Buddy!

Become A Buddy

You Make All The Difference

One of the most important elements of a Miracle League game is the “buddy” program. Each player is paired with a able bodied friend to assist them on and off the field during a two inning game.

Buddies can be anyone: a family member, fellow schoolmate, parents, college or high school student, athlete, business leader, community member or any individual or group who wishes to volunteer their time to give the gift of baseball and a smile that touches us all.    buddy

Player buddies must be 12 years old or older. Enthusiasm and compassion is key.

We offer confirmation of attendance for anyone who needs to meet requirements for volunteer hours.

*PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST FIRST CONTACT THE COORDINATOR BEFORE VOLUNTEERING; we do not want to overwhelm our players with too many people.*

Click here to download Adult volunteer form
Click here to download Youth volunteer form